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Quality Products

We do a strict quality-check for every product, as ensuring quality product matters to us.

One-stop rental solution

All equipment rental solution is under one roof on VikNick Services.

Convenient rentals

Book your item online as per your requirement and timing

Economical solutions

Taking products on rent is economical and we offer you the best rates for both short term and long term rentals.

Customer support

We are just a message or phone call away. We are always there to address your queries and concerns.

Door to door delivery

We have home delivery and return pickup service across Tricity.

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Customers Reviews

Had a great experience with the team. Had rented out few items for a trip but unfortunately the trip got cancelled. But the team handled the situation really well.
Ayushi Gakhar
This was my first rental experience, and frankly speaking it's great. The rental procedures is clean and easy and you have got whatsapp and calling support, totally amazing. I strongly recommend all of you guys, Searching for rental products from cameras all the way to bikes. This is the place you can trust. And I give you my words for it
Pranshu Gaur
VikNick has been a great support for filmmakers, be it camera, be it lenses be it anything, the only trusted vendor in tricity for me is VikNick.
Mudit Sharma
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Customer/Lessee shall take full responsibility for the product and in case of Damage/Theft to the product, he/she is responsible to pay the full amount of the product to VikNick. The lessee agrees to promptly return the product at the end of the rental period in the same condition as received. The lessee also agrees to pay for any damages to, or loss of, the rented product occurring during their time of possession or because of loss and or damage from improperly handling the product. Upon return and inspection, any and all repairs necessary and or accessories missing that were itemized will be charged at current rates and billed to the lessee. A full-day rental is charged, even for a partial day’s use. There are absolutely no refunds for early returns. The lessee agrees to pay the regular rental rate for each day that the merchandise is in his possession and until it is returned to the VikNick. In case, if required then the original Document shall be submitted to VikNick, once the item returned back in the same condition the documents shall be handed over to the lessee. VikNick will need a document copy (original/digital/photocopy) of the lessee to verify the customer before confirming the order. As VikNick is an online rental solution provider, so actual product may differ from its pictorial representation on the website page. At VikNick, we consider 1 day based on 24 hours calculation, the customer may return the product before the time ends but in case, the product is not returned within the time frame then the customer has to pay for the next day as well. Once the order is handed over to the lessee and if there’s a return of assets before the scheduled date/time then the lessee has to inform us at least 24 hours advance for next day cancellation, else the customer won’t be eligible for a refund. In case of any cancellation, the customer has to inform VikNick at least 24 hours before the starting of the scheduled rental period. VikNick services will not be responsible for any damages or loss of life. The minimum age criteria to place orders on VikNick services is 18 years of age, the lessee has to follow the age criteria. VikNick has the right to deny services to any lessee or customer. 5% cancellation charge applicable on all orders and we accept only prepaid orders, payment mode is an online transaction. By using our services or renting products from us, you agree to all these t&c. In case of any violation of above mentioned T&C, legal action shall be taken.