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Maono AU-400 Lavalier Microphone or other brands (functionality might be different)

  • 4-pole jack is compatible with a laptop which has only one audio male jack (input/output), iPhone android Smartphone, PlayStation 4, this mini microphone is specially designed for smartphone, tablet, laptop, PS4 or Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime talking, YouTube recording, Podcasting, webinar
  • The pin is thin enough to directly plug into your mobile 3.5mm headset jack even wearing a phone protector, High-quality and omnidirectional function, easy to use
  • It picks up sound equally from all around the microphone, allowing for versatility when mounting and ensuring a high degree of user-friendly operation
  • With the help of 78 inches long cord, it makes the podcasting at a distance with your mobile much easier and easy to clip on your tie or shirt collar for sound recording because of the sturdy metal clip
  • An Extra 3-pin Adapter for DSLR: If you are going to use this mic with a DSLR, camera, or another device with a 3-pin jack, please use this adapter.

Maono AU-400 Lavalier Microphone

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