Samyang AF 18mm F2.8 FE Lens

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Samyang AF 18mm F2.8 FE

An ultra-compact lens weighs only 145g, with a wide field-of-view of 100˚ on full-frame. 8 out of the lens’s 9 glass elements are specialized, and a linear STM motor provides fast and precise autofocusing. Every unforgettable moment can be captured with exceptional quality. Broaden and deepen your photographic world with the AF 18mm F2.8 FE – an innovative wide-angle AF lens that offers new possibilities.

Tiny But Super Wide
Breathtakingly lightweight with super wide angle of view, the new standard in wide-angle AF lenses

E Mount Light Weight 145g AF Auto Focus Ultra Multi Coating STM Compact Size Tiny but amazing in performance. The AF 18mm F2.8 FE is the first ultra-wide-angle lens from the Tiny series lineup.
Its unbelievable lightweight (145g), super wide-angle of view (100˚), easily holdable in one hand, high performance, and spectacular design make this lens perfect for mirrorless cameras and offer incomparable satisfaction to the users.

  • Samyang AF 18mm F2.8 FE Lens
    A Tiny, Ultra-Lightweight Lens

    At 145g (excl. hood & cap), this is the most lightweight & compact lens in the current AF 18mm wide-angle segment. Without a heavy lens weighing you down, you can effortlessly photograph every precious moment.

  • Samyang AF 18mm F2.8 FE Lens
    A Prime Lens with 8 Specialized Elements

    A prime lens that contains 8 specialized elements out of 9 in total (3 aspherical, 2 high refractive, 3 low dispersion) means a high level of sharpness, with low chromatic aberration and minimal distortion, for excellent landscape pictures, indoor shots, travel photos, and astrophotography…all in high definition, with clear colors, allowing a beautiful finish to any photograph.

  • Samyang AF 18mm F2.8 FE Lens
    Employs a Linear Stepping Motor

    The lens delivers fast & stable autofocusing by using a Linear Stepping Motor. The enhanced Samyang AF turns every moment into a work of art you can experience.

  • Samyang AF 18mm F2.8 FE Lens
    A Wide-Angle Lens with Depth

    With the full-frame 100˚ angle of view of the AF 18mm F2.8 FE, you can capture sweeping vistas in one magnificent shot. Its ability to demonstrate a broad depth and perspective enables every photographer to show off their creative side.

  • Samyang AF 18mm F2.8 FE Lens
    The Ultimate Travel Companion

    With minimal size, a wide angle-of-view, and amazing definition, travellers can capture every magical vacation moment. The lens combines Samyang’s signature refinement and color rendering, all in one lightweight lens, made for travel.

  • Samyang AF 18mm F2.8 FE Lens
    A Multi-Use Lens for Any Occasion

    Whether you want to capture nature’s magnificence with a gimbal for stabilized filming, or even a drone, the AF 18mm F2.8 FE is the perfect compact lens to fulfil all your photography needs.

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